Friday, May 7, 2010

Breathe In - They Are Here!

After years of repeated emails from our customers begging us to offer perfumes, we decided it was time. I knew we couldn't just bottle the same fragrance we offer in our products.... the scents needed more complexity, so I got to work and the hours and days flew by like they do in those movies when the books are flipping and the calender's pages are falling off.

I left Sexy Laundry Day just the way it is. I do not dare touch that one or my head would roll (I swear, the rabid followers on this one... the torches came out when there was talk about discontinuing it). But, there are some new interesting takes on scents I think you will find interesting.

sample size vials, 1 ml ($2.50)
size of vial: 1.5 inches tall (that's a big rose!)


It has come.
Floral blends of ylang ylang, rosewood, musk, mimosa, a hint of baby rose and jasmine, then softening notes such as the sea breeze, mountain rocks, mossy dew and real baby's breath.

This is a complicated, sophisticated scent, and is also the most popular scent in out entire line.


Lemongrass essential oil, sweet coconut milk, blackened vanilla, pressed Indonesian lime leaves, delicate jasmine, smoky clove, with a tiny hint of a whisper of dark musk

Mazu (pronounced Mat-zu) is The Goddess of The Sea
A goddess, even after a millennium has passed . . . arguably the most worshiped in the world with over 1,500 active temples and 100 million devotees.

Freshly picked, ruby red grapefruits hand squeezed over sugar rock candy clinking in a crystal goblet with tiny baby black orchids and morning dew.

A favorite scent among my customers. More sophisticated as a perfume....


The darkest chocolate, atop crushed coconut and pure vanilla cream and a dark, smoky syrup.
Smells good enough to lick!

update! iniquity has been pulled due to a sad bottle breakage - more oils have been ordered.

All of the 4ml glass roll on bottles are $10.00. A little goes a long way. The samples are 1 ml and are $2.50. I will be making more scents, trust me... I've got THE BUG IN ME!! I have amber resins and more absolutes buzzing in my brain......

For now, these are only available on our Etsy Shop, but will be put on the Product Body Website just as soon as we are able to. Thanks for your patience!!


ALL PERFUMES ARE VEGAN, by the way in case you were wondering....



Anonymous said...

Splendid! I have a question: since these are perfume oils, would it be ok if I sprayed it over (high up, not directly on) my linens or dresser drawer? Thanks!

Joanna said...

Well, these are in roll on bottles. Perhaps you can roll on some oils and then roll all over your sheets. :P

I will tell you that my daughter stuck a Mazu in her pocket when she went to school, forgot to remove it when it was laundry time, and it went through the wash, opened, emptied into the wash. Made everything smell amazing.... no stains. I couldn't stop smelling everything!!! She was sad her perfume was gone but lucky she didn't have to pay for it. ;)

I am not suggesting, however, that you add oil to your wash....

Under the Willow said...

Love your comment to Teresa ~ funny--but hey it's a great idea!

Everything looks wonderful!

Joanna said...

Thank you, Carrie!

Anne-Marie said...

Congrats on the new additions to your line. Hilarious about your daughter and the perfume. I do a little fragrance oil on wet socks in the drier and make all our clothes smell like whatever I'm in the mood for. So far, no negative repercussions ... =)

Crazy Soap Lady said...

Yum Yum! Congrats, girlie. What a great addition to your line. You're my hero! luv ya!

Kim said...


firefly said...

Oh MY God.

O Bella Naturals said...

I'm excited for you and I love your new photos of them!
I bet they smell just lovely, iniquity sounds delicious!!
I was searching for perfumes today, I'm excited you put these up!!

Claire said...

Wow, I love what you did with the perfume packaging, it looks great! I love using perfume - I think your "Ruby Rock Star" type sounds particularly intriguing. Keep us updated! :)

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