Thursday, May 13, 2010

Added Some New Soaps On Etsy!

Some newly cured soaps from my witchy cauldron..... now available in my Etsy shop.

The scent in this one is a combination of fragrance and essential oils that remind me of lazy Summer days:

Lemon essential oil
Orange Valencia essential oil
Tangerine essential oil
White grapefruit essential oil
Juicy Pear fragrance oil
Ruby Red grapefruit fragrance
Pink Grapefruit fragrance

Sadly, citrus oils tend to fade and originally, this soap was called "HELLA GOOD". That's why I have discounted the price. It needs to be sold and used
now to be enjoyed. $2.50! Come and get it!

Floral blends of ylang ylang, rosewood, musk, mimosa, a hint of baby rose and jasmine, then softening notes such as the sea breeze, mountain rocks and real baby's breath.
Sexy is BACK!

"Smells like blueberry waffles, Mom! Does it taste good?" Nope, no it does not. Do not eat this stuff, it tastes like soap. Well, it does... I licked it just to show the kids it really DOES taste gross. It really SMELLS like blueberry waffles, muffins, pancakes...and that is a nice new way to get up in the morning and start my day. I've been doing, patchouli, lemons, lavenders, oranges....but blueberry muffins!? MOVE OVER, soaps! Try one and get one for that blueberry lover.

Hurry. My kids are using these all up...

Have funny shoppin'!


Kim said...

They all look super delicious!

Anonymous said...

Stop. Tempting. Me. Dh says he's not signing an entire paycheck over to you. ;D

Joanna said...

OK, I changed the Citrus Whisper from four dollars to $3.

Teresa, I don't see why not!


Anonymous said...

Not a Bad Idea for my Skin Brushing Kit!

Spa Cloth

Anne-Marie said...

Your soaps are looking fantastic - and the photography is super appealing too. Bummer about citrus notes, eh? But, it happens to the best of us ...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, feeding the kids comes to mind as to why I can't siphon the paycheck over to you. You can blame those darned growing teens!