Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Update on Ingredients - ORGANIC!

Product Body is now using organic high oleic sunflower oil across the board replacing all high oleic sunflower oil that we have been using prior. This change began in April and the website shall reflect this as soon as we can update this. We are also now using organic palm oil that is also farmed using sustainable farming practices.

We try to use natural and organic ingredients when it is feasible, but we also try to maintain fresh, quality products at a reasonable price. I read an interesting article today "Being Organic Or Natural Won't Necessarily Make A Product Green". You may be interested in it. Sometimes natural practices without thought can create an even bigger problem.

As product manufacturers, we need to look at the larger picture.

This organic news is good news. The palm oil especially. You can read a bit about the Orangutan species and why buying sustainable palm oil is important over on my soap blog here and here.

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