Monday, March 23, 2009

The Shop Has Been Buzzing

People have been coming into the shop and have been super interested in the soaps we've been making. All of the soaps we carry we make the old fashioned way...with lye and oils and are cured for four weeks. We currently have these in the shop:

Baby Rose Cupcake
Creamsicle Honeymoon
Naked Nellie

Rhubarb Yuzu with avocado and cocoa butters

Fresh Baked Bread with rhassoul clay

Yuzu Maui (hot process)

Sexy Laundry Day

I have more planned, including goat milk, exfoliating oatmeal and coconut soap.

Some of the soaps in the shop are available on our Etsy shop: Product Body Labworks. That's my soap news for the day.


christineccr said...

Glad to hear it. As a fellow soaper I've been following your shop. I hope to open a small shop next year so I'm anxious to see how you're doing!! I wish you lots of success, your products are awesome.

Anne-Marie said...

Rhubarb Yuzu? Yum! What a fun sounding combination and of course, the Fresh Baked Bread is a staple (or should be!) of any soaper's line. =)

Glad to see you're getting good traffic in the store and introducing the masses to the wonders of homemade soap goodness.

Amber said...

Yay for buzzing shops! If I ever get a chance to visit Florida for a vacation again, you can bet I'm stopping by your place! :)

Joanna said...

better, amber!