Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Done Bitching. Now I'm Addicted To Caramel Macchiatos

...with whipped cream and caramel squirty designs on top. This picture is of a hot one and I've been getting mine iced because I live in Florida and it's like 65-70 here right now.

I usually have two cups of cappuccinos (I make them with an espresso machine). That's it. Strong, sure, but no other caffeine during the day. I'm not a big soda drinker. Well, now that I am "on" for longer in the day. Up at 6:00 am with kids and then to the shop, formulate, formulate, be a shop owner and do stuff, stay open until 7:30 pm (at least until Christmas Eve, I have been having a late afternoon caffeine hit due to my mid afternoon needs.)

My dear hubby brings me one due to my afternoon crash after my late lunch habit that has snuck into my life. I know, bad Joanna! I have even been skipping breakfast because hunger just isnt there until I am weak with exhaustion at 2pm. (me=dummy).

My new addiction isn't so bad. It's not like I'm on crack or pcp or some stupid drug that's going to hurt my children. There are many best parts about this addiction. :) I can admit to it openly. It is legal. I can do it in public AND it tastes SO GOOD, especially the whipped cream drizzled in caramel.

If you don't like coffee you are just not going to understand this, and that's okay, because I probably can't get a handle on flourless bread and meatless meatloaf made with sugarless sugar cookies.

he he. Sorry. That was rude. I like health food, just not bird food, or meatless hot dogs. I tried to feed those to my daughter when she was little and she wouldn't eat them. I know why. It was because I had the biggest craving for water dogs in NYC while I was pregnant with my first. Almost every day, I had to stop at a disgusting hot dog stand on the streets of New York and get a hot dog from the murky waters and have them build that water logged link with hot mustard and pile it with dripping saurkraut. I went to heaven EVERY time I took that first bite. Nina? She wiggled with excitement - so while I ate, my stomach did the Watusi.

If you want to know, my craving during my second pregnancy was much different.



Holly said...

Yum, something from Starbucks sounds so good right now. I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of the new store.

Heidi said...

Mmmm, the carmel macchiato from starbucks is my all time favorite. I had major cravings when I was pregnant. I have the bottom to prove it ;0)

Anonymous said...

Coffeeeeee.....drool! Coffee with whipped cream...double drool!

I was trying to think of the diff between tea and coffee (both of which I love) the other day, and I came up with -

Tea is like a leisurely stroll in a shady park with your 90 year old grandmother.

Coffee is like being with your Greek lover on the sands of Mykonos, listening to the waves of the Mediterranean lap the shore.

Uh, not that I've done either...

Anyway, glad you're feeling a bit better! And speaking of your shop, hope you'll be there tomorrow...if not, take a run there some time in the day or something will be left by the door (at least it won't freeze to death). :)

Anonymous said...

Hey joey - when are you going to post some pix of the store. Waiting, will not inhale until you do. Love, DDL

Leslie said...

You addict you!!! I used to be addicted to those as well..But my addiction got sooo expensive and ass was getting larger. So I had to say goodbye to Starbucks!!!

Anne-Marie said...

Love those delicious little confectionery delights that are highly addictive... Being from Seattle, I think they breed us a little different. Caffeine is in our DNA's natural make-up for general needs - sort of like air and water. =)