Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'd Love Your Input Contest

I have two locations for signs at our new shop. The one on the building will have our logo Product Body on it, but we are on a very busy street where traffic moves between 40-55 mph and we want people to notice what we sell, perhaps, more so than who we are. It is two sided and we thought we should say two different things, one on each side. I would love your suggestions, if you have any. Let's make it a contest!

Some ideas we have:

Bath Treats
Bath Shop
Bath + Body

Anyone who comes up with one that is actually used (that isn't listed above) will receive a Product package from us once the sign goes up. Thank you!!

Contest ends when the right sign words are realized.


Anonymous said...

How about:

Pamper Body
Body Care
Body Delights (or Bath Delights?)
Silky Skin Products
Soaps & Creams

I need more rum and eggnog now... ;)

Elke Von Freudenberg said...

Bath+Body Treats
Take care of your body.

Crystal said...

Bubbles & Creams

Simple, Natural Skin Care

The Body Bar - Give Your Skin a Drink
(similar to your Soap Bar blog and trying to use ideas you already have on your website)

Happy Holidays Joanna!

Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

Here ya go:

One Side: Product Body~ Pampering your body naturally!

Another Side: Product Body~ Pampering your body naturally!


Anne-Marie said...

With cars going by so fast, I'd recommend few words - big and obvious.


and, of course, your store name.

In my personal opinion, the clever taglines can be on the handout promotion material, cards, and labels for the products.

Big, obvious and yes, sort of boring is the good way to go for signage on busy streets.

(in my opinion)

Elizabeth L said...

Sweet (Body) Treats!
Mama Bomb . . . For Your Body

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anne-Marie. When I drive by signs at 40-50 MPH and there's too many words I only pick out the biggest ones and the rest are a blur. So...

Bath Indulgence
Body Indulgence

Bath Luxuries
Body Luxuries

Take A Bath
Indulge Yourself

Bath Goodies
Body Goodies

Lux Bath Goods
Lux Body Goods

Bath Bliss
Body Bliss

(you could also consider using skin instead of body for these)

Congrats on the new store! I wish I lived nearby so I could come visit. Good luck =)

Joanna said...

love it- more!

Jilian said...

I love Carla's line of thinking. Needs to include bath, body, spoil, indulge, relax, pamper - all in one word (or two). Hmmmmm.

"Bath & Body" really is short and sweet and spells it all out :)

"Pamper Your Skin" (I had 'body' instead of skin - but people might wonder if it's a sex shop....)

Same thingish. "Indulge Your Skin" I like this one!

"Indulge Your Body"

Rose said...

Some of these are a little long but i tried :) lol

"Squeeky Clean (other side) Bath Products"

"Feel Natural (other side) Look Beautiful)"

"Health & Beauty"
"Bath, Body, Beauty"
"All About the Pretty"
"Organic Beauty"

Amber said...
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Amber said...

I hope you're feeling giggly when you read this...

How about "You smell" and "Take a bath!"

I am TOTALLY joking. Maybe that second Mike's hard cranberry was a bad idea tonight...

For real now: even though you were trying to steer away from using your name on this sign, I think it would be pretty clever to have "Product Body" on one side and "Body Products" on the other side. Cool switcheroo, huh?

Kim said...

I actually rather like "You Smell" and "Take a Bath" -- that would definitely get me to stop and investigate! ;-) Anyway, I think you should have the store name at the top of the sign, and then a short phrase/description following, a la -

Product Body:
Smell Better!

Product Body:

Product Body:
For You!

Product Body:
You = Yummy

Anonymous said...

I kinda like the "You Smell" ones too. I like stores that have a sense of humor.

Maybe play up the fabulous dessert-like smells you have?

"Dessert for your skin"?

Something like that. :)

Emmy said...

I would lean toward something simple and straight forward that describes exactly what you do. Plus, if it is short and sweet you can write it in bigger letters!

How about writing in huge letters on top: PRODUCT BODY

And huge letters on the bottom: MADE FRESH

Then bullets in the middle:

- Handmade Soap
- Bath Treats
- Creams & Lotions
- Body Scrubs

The roadside sign is a great idea btw! You could even change it up every week or two to keep it lively.

Lynn said...

I'm thinking definitely Product Body on the top and underneath you could say:



but in a fancy-do pretty and practical font that you can easily read going down the road in a car @ 40 mph! Hope you succeed. Know you will. You've got heart...and brains.
My best, Lynn

Jen said...

I think you should have a few words that are very large that will catch people’s eyes but then in smaller words underneath, you should give a more detailed explanation; what if there is traffic and people are just sitting there…

If it were me, I’d try to point out the luxuriousness of the items because your items are not just your average bath products. Clearly your items are of a higher quality and that is the point you want to get across to people. I know other people have posted suggestions such as natural and simple but you can get simple at any old drugstore and natural does not always equate luxury (sometimes in fact, people associate natural with inferior goods that don't work as well). If you keep it simple and straightforward, you'll attract a wider demographic.

Also, if you want to ingrain your name, Product Body, in people’s heads I would do it as a mid-size font at the top right corner of your bill board, people will see the largest words I listed below, first and then, if it’s something they are interested in, then they will notice the Product Body name.

For the big words:

Side 1: Body indulgences
Side 2: Bathe in Luxury
Side 1: Lavish yourself
Side 2: Spa Indulgences
Side 1: Heavenly Spa products
Side 2: Blissful Body indulgences

For the smaller words underneath:
Fresh/Natural/Homemade bath & body products to pamper yourself
Luxurious & Natural bath & body products

Joanna said...

These are all so good. I will keep you posted. We are ordering Monday. Thank you!

xo jo