Friday, April 6, 2012

Time To Smooth The Creases

As we grow, we've decided to hone in on what we believe is the best we can offer.  Soap is what we love to make and bring to you.  Specialty facial and basic bar soap.  We will continue to bring you Crush On You, as this product is a favorite among most of our customers.  We couldn't cut you off... no!

We have stopped offering Creme Fresh for many reasons.  The first being that there are a million companies offering cream/lotion and as much as you all may have loved it, we want to be focusing our energy on soap and making them the best bars available.

Many indie companies expand their offerings once they become established, but we are doing the opposite.  We are creating laser-like focus so we can make the best soap at a reasonable price, and do it efficiently.  We found that if we are creating more offerings, we are unable to spend the appropriate time to produce the soap at the rate we need to be. 

So over the next 10 days, we are officially accepting orders on our website, but not sending any packages out until the 15th of April.  We are putting Product Body | Absolute Soap back in place and further strengthening our core.

Be patient.  Continue to support of efforts and know that we are committed to bringing you the very best in quality.  We can do it no other way.



The Soap Sister said...

Good for you Jo! Sounds like a wise decision. I think I create a better product when I focus solely on soap (heck, I got distracted doing a lotion bar!) Wishing you happiness & even greater success with your soap in the future! :)

john petter said...

Really a nice post.
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Anonymous said...

Going to miss the Creme Fresh!! Can you recommend a good body moisturizer also with very little preservatives?

filiz yilmaz said...

Dear All,
My dearest friend Sam Perry has just brought some of your lovely products to me, as a local gift from his environment. I have been enjoying them all, one by one; cannot tell which is my favourite, yet:) Excellent work.. Thanks and good luck..
Love from Istanbul.