Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Poison Apple Soap Is BAAack

It's back, as promised. Poison Apple Soap. This year we added coconut milk for extra conditioning for your skin. It imparts no scent to the soap, so don't worry that it's changed. It still smells divine! Just more moisturizing properties.

Scent description: Crispy, juicy apple, drizzled with caramel and dusted ever so lightly with black pepper and sugar sprinkles.

This is the first of our Autumn Soaps. This is a Limited Edition and will disappear after my stash of scent disappears, so get it while I continue to soap it all Autumn and Winter long.

Stay tuned for the Autumn Release Coming in September!



Julie in St. Louis said...

oh my heavens, thank you so much for bringing this soap back to your collection. I have kept a sliver of my soap from last year in my drawer so that when I get an urge to smell it, I can bring it to my nose and take a whiff. It's even prettier than last year. Thanks, Joanna

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