Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cubano's Got A Brand New Pair Of Shoes

Ooooooh boy. Our little ol' Cubano has become so popular that we were out of it for a few days before our most recent batch was fully cured. We've decided to add coconut milk to a few of our soaps. Why, you ask? Because coconuts are amazing and the oil and the milk heal the skin and the body and the fruit and scent intoxicate and heal my soul.

In addition to the visual change, we've also added real coconut milk to our formula to make the soap a luxury bar.

Old look. Old formula.

New look
Our Cubano with coconut milk.

They are more exotic looking, fatter and weigh in at over 5 ounces.

Would love your feedback if you try them.

:) xo


Teresa said...

To die for!!!
Love this one!

Jennifer Young said...

Looks gorgeous Jo!!! xo Jen

Anonymous said...

got to try that one. deedeelicious