Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Featured On Bonnie Bath Blog - oh yeah

My interview on Erica's blog was a such a nice treat. Erica is a great person and did a wonderful job putting together the interview for me. She also suggested creating a contest for her readers (great idea btw) so go over there and check it out. You might win some goodies from me!

Thanks again, Erica. Lemonade before the summer's over, FERSURE!
(We live within an hour of each other. We must meet up!)

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Jennifer Young said...

Way to go Jo! Nice interview. Nice all around. I also agree with your advice on packaging.... If I sent you a few photos or ideas, would you give me your TRUE thoughts on my packaging? Sometimes I think it may be a little too "craft-fair", then at other times I like it... Hope your health is better. You seem so Up-Beat on your blog. xo Jen