Thursday, February 25, 2010


There is this online shopping place that stood out for me that had a dark backdrop, beautiful bath and body products, lovely soaps and unique offerings. In fact, this beautiful shop is where I discovered the steampunk artist that created the art that I used to base my tattoo on.... that I was so inspired by. All of the offerings were products that were made by independent artisans like me, so I thought I'd be in touch with owner and send samples and see if they might be interested in my soaps or products.

I wasn't that confident because, at the time, they were carrying Arcana, Villianess, and Haus Of Gloi, and my labels up against their labels are like Yin and Yang. Dark and light (even though I relate more with theirs at heart, shhh). Mine are a bit happyhappy joyjoy. But I contacted them nonetheless and promoted myself and asked to send samples. Laura said, "send one. That's fine."

I sent her a box with 3 full bars of soap and 4 or 5 slivers of other soaps, samples of scrubs and samples of Creme Fresh. I knew one sample wouldn't represent my company and if she didn't like the scent I chose for her, then I'd be out of the running. I know scents. Some are total turn offs. What works for me, can smell like hell to someone else.

Two weeks later, I get an email a mile long with lengthy feedback on each product I sent. What she liked and didn't like and why. But guess what? She wants to have me be another one of her soapy people. What an honor! She doesn't have that many and she has quite a following, so I do feel special that she likes my stuff as much as she does.

My new favorite online shop other than my own is Faery's Muse. And that is another place you can find us. They are in San Diego, so if you live out there, you might actually get your stuff much quicker than from us. ;) And it's already made!

The other thing is we discontinued Chocolate Dipped Orange on Product Body's website since we introduced Dark Chocolate Almond over a year ago, but Faery's Muse now has the exclusive on that scent as long as they carry our products.

Go check out the shop and go check out their other shop, Mystic Dreams, which carries beaded curtains, unbelievable chandeliers, and lots of unique home decor.

Oh! The other thing: Faery's Muse is carrying 6 oz jars of Crush On You for $12.00 which (right now), we do not sell.

Another reason to buy from her... especially if you don't want to buy the full pop.



sweetpapaya said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting!

Anne-Marie said...

Great! I'm off to go see their shop. Congrats on the new account!

Becca said...

Oh congrats on the account! Way to go! I've been "window shopping" there many times now, but have yet to purchase... I always seem to talk myself out of it, lol. I was actually about to go have a peek there tonight anyhow, so I'll be on the lookout for your stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm tickled pink for you, Jo!!! I had no doubts she'd love your stuff. =)

Magic Hands said...

I think your products look just great there. Lovely product shots! :)