Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Scent For The Winter

Ginger Milk Tea

 Steaming creamy milk tea with ginger and a whisper of clove.

We are only offering it in Crush On You and Creme Fresh for now.  ....Well..... I made a loaf of soap, but it won't be ready until mid January.  Pictures to follow when I cut the loaf.

I tell you, I am hooked on the scent, BIG TIME already.  It's my new favorite.


Holly said...

Sounds lovely!

Anonymous said...
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sherrieg said...

That sounds like a fabulous scent! YUM!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful, warm wintertime fragrance!

Mary said...

Oh, yeah, it sounds warm and delicious!Just right for pampering away the winter!

Joanna said...

I am loving it. Teresa, I slipped you a Creme Fresh sample in your order - ginger milk tea coming your way, missy!!'


Anonymous said...

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firefly said...

Sounds good.

Ayrton said...

WoW! all natural goodness.

Anne-Marie said...

Yum. This fragrance sounds warm and cozy!