Friday, October 2, 2009

Our New Line Up

It took long, grueling hours and a number of disagreements, but we finalized the look of our containers and labels. Here is the Product Body family, with the Mama Bomb folded into it all nice and snug.

All cohesive-like:

The Product Body line is available here



FuturePrimitive said...

all looks yum diddly. i swear i'll be buying a bit... as soon as my soap sells!

Dreaming Tree Soapworks said...

At least we aren't the only ones that struggle developing a cohesive look with this. Everything looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Pretty in pink! :>

I'm waiting for slightly cooler weather and then getting me some more Whipped Shea...a dry gal's best friend. Oh, and I looove your Creme Fresh too.

Anonymous said...

very classy. I love the new look better than the last, although that was great, too. This is very "fresh" looking, clean & sparkly, ddl

Ilovebathing said...

I love these body and bathing products. Well done!

Anne-Marie said...

Cohesive is good. I'm glad that your big project is done. It's no fun to be constantly trying to worry about design and labeling =)