Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Love My Job

Other than cold calling, which I hate and avoid without even realizing it, I love everything about my job.

I love...
thinking about creating
trying my creations
trying new fragrances, butters, oils, clays, botanicals, extracts, etc......
hearing about others experience with my creations (+ or -)
being in a creative community who share my passion
talking with and emailing customers
being in our shop

Of course, Product Body is not all puppies and cupcakes (is that right or am I miss malaprop?). We wish we had more walk-in sales, more wholesale accounts, and online orders, but the reality is that I am so happy to be here and I wake up every day excited to go to work and rush to get to the shop and create.

Yay that. There was a time that the dread of going to work was so painful, it hurt.


Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

I love hearing this...I'm sure you have heard the versus-


I'm so happy for you~ I think you're there.

Anonymous said...

What a great quote from Carrie!

I, too, am very happy for you, Jo!! You worked hard to be where you are at, and you deserve all the happiness and satisfaction you now have. *mwah*!

Jillian said...

When I heard that you were opening up your own shop, I was so inspired! Your products are amazing. I wish there was a body lotion or laundry detergent that smelled like your milk bath, so I could smell like it all day. haha. I'm in love with it!

My fiancé and I are considering moving to Florida. Could you recommend any young, artsy, friendly areas for us to consider??

Epicure68 said...

How wonderful to love your job, and since you have your store front now, they will come.

FuturePrimitive said...

I think that's great. So nice to hear too. I too enjoy my job.. selling plants, soap, pottery, garden tools, but alas, at present I have to work part time as well. It's ok though, I'm in a very nice part of Cheltenham town in Glos, UK.
I hope one day to have what you have here in England. I'm soooo jealous! Well done Joanna - with hard work and dedication you can achieve it all

Leslie said...

Girl...if you do somethin you love, good things will happen. Give it time, I am sure your business will bloom!!!

Anne-Marie said...

Your job isn't all puppies and cupcakes? Bummer. Mine isn't either. But, like you, I love my job even with the daily grind. And much of the day and tasks end up being a daily grind but honestly, I'm sure it would be a daily, daily grind anywhere I was so I might as well be with people that I chose to hang out with, doing things that some of the time I really really like and playing with products that have the opportunity to change lives on a daily basis.

Gosh, when I write it like that, maybe my job is puppies and cupcakes! =)