Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm In A Book!

About a year and a half ago, I was contacted by Ann Holmes, an author who was writing a book about women starting their own businesses. She was interested in interviewing me... how I got started and what my experience was like owning and running my own business. I was thrilled, of course, and told her everything about me and my journey. A year went by, not really thinking about the book. I was touching base with Ann periodically to see if and when it might be published. No real hopes.

Last month Ann contacted me and told me the book was published and was available. Well, I went to a bookstore, opened up the index to see if I made it in, and BAM! My name was in there. Holy cow. Me? OK.... The book is not about me. Let me not mislead you in anyway. But it turns out I was mentioned on 3 different pages briefly as a counterpoint! (yeah) In one instance she was discussing a woman who had started a bath and body company, like me, and never really focused in and made a business plan.... blew through $100,000 and was basically not progressing very much. So, I was used as an example of executing a business plan, which structures steps and broadly budgets each of these steps. So there. I am in a book.

When Ann told me about the book, she also invited me to speak at a luncheon event that will be held for Ann by The Commonwealth Institute, a non-profit organization that supports women CEOs, senior execs and women entrepreneurs. This feels like a big deal and I am flattered and feeling very official all of a sudden. So I have to speak in front of 100 people. Never done that, although I had about 80 people at my wedding. Does that count? What does a girl wear?

I truly enjoy talking about my journey with Product Body because I love what I do so much. Of course, I could choke and faint right there at the podium. So the luncheon is on Thursday. Wish me luck.... and for any of you who want to start a business, I suggest you buy Ann's book. I haven't read it all yet, but it is very insightful so far. Wish me luck!!

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