Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Free Shipping Until Friday!

Our launch for Baked Pumpkin soap and Crush On You has fallen behind about a week and we are so sorry.  To make it up to you, we are giving free shipping within the U.S. along with a mini lemon poppy soap cupcake until Friday.  Please when completing your order, use coupon code OCTLAUNCHDELAY to have free shipping apply to your order.

We love our customers and want everything to be perfect for you.

Enjoy this wonderful month!  Get in your order now to bank your savings!

psst...the cupcakes are NOT edible....they're soap ;)

Monday, July 1, 2013

New Salt Scrubs - SALT CRUSH

To all of you who follow us on Facebook, you already know that we are bringing salt scrubs to our line of excellent products.  To the rest of you who haven't heard, we are introducing Salt Crush this month.

Let me tell you this:  The new Salt Crush scrubs are amazing!  They are similar to Crush On You as far as ingredients, but we exchanged the sugar with Mediterranean sea salt and tweaked the recipe.  This new scrub feels different as you use it and leaves your skin feeling completely different.

Right now we are waiting on our newest delivery of salts before we introduce them, but we are in the process of creating two amazing salt scrubs that not only feel like they clean, moisturize and revitalize, but leave your skin glowing and totally renewed.

We have a number of product testers here in south Florida, and they test all of our handmade soaps and sugar scrubs before we ever begin to offer them to the general public.  They have all ahhh-ed and oooooh-ed and begged us for more of the new Salt Crush before we even offer them out to you.  We couldn't be happier with their feedback and also the scrubs!

To start, we will be offering The Salt Crush in Ruby Rock Star (ruby grapefruit) and Detox (bamboo charcoal scrub with essential oils of anise, lavender, tea tree, grapefruit, petitgrain, eucalyptus and clove).  We have one or two more that we will be adding, but those are secret for now.... ;)  Just keep checking back...

If you want to stay updated on our newest offerings and sales you can join our mailing list (bottom of the website page) and liking us on Facebook.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support while we continue to bring you functional and ultra decadent products with every step we take.

Love, Jo and Brad

Friday, June 14, 2013

25% Off EVERYTHING Sale Through Sunday!

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you may already know this: we're having a surprise sale at the site. From now until Sunday, June 16 you can get 25% off EVERYTHING we make and sell on the site.

That's 25% off our all natural handmade soaps, our Pop handmade soaps (like Sexy Laundry Day), our Crush On You handmade sugar scrubs, our sea salt soaps, and the recently added line of hand-blended perfume. Sorry, but soap decks, natural sea sponges and Crush of the Month subscriptions are excluded from the sale.

But here's the thing: 25% off is pretty much unheard of. So if you want to set the tone for summer with some great soaps and scrubs, hit the site now and use coupon code SummerLoving to get your discount.

Oh - one last thing: we don't normally post our sales outside of the newsletter or Facebook, so if you want in on more deals like this, don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter (from the bottom of our homepage) and follow us on Facebook! And hey, the newsletter can be a fun read: see for yourself!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Perfumes Are Back

Absolute Soap Hand-Blended Perfumes
Those of you that have been fans of ours for a while may have noticed that when we launched the new Absolute Soap website this year, our hand-blended perfumes were missing.

That ends now.

Perfumes are back, and five are available immediately: Mazu, Iniquity, Lair, Lounge and Ruby Rock Star. They're all exclusive to us, and are sold in cute 1/8-ounce roll-on bottles. Just $10 a pop!

Hit the perfume section on Absolute Soap and enjoy.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We Are LIVE...and We Support Human Rights

Product Body is now officially Absolute Soap!  We worked long and hard to bring you our new soap formulation, new All Natural Soaps, newly designed Pop Soaps and new website (thanks for the long weeks you sweated over the website design and copy, Brad!).

Some of our All Natural Soaps...

We are thrilled with the new soaps and the new website.  We would LOVE your feedback so go see and tell us what you think!

10% of all orders (not including shipping) made through our website through Friday, March 29th, will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign. Get your soap and support everyone's right to choose their partners!

 We ABSOLUTEly support the right to choose.  If you couldn't marry the person you love, how would you feel?

Peace and love.

xoxo Jo and Brad

Monday, February 11, 2013

Absolute Direction

Oh, we have been so busy since school started!  We are moving our brand slowly from Product Body to Absolute Soap.  We have also decided to offer all natural soaps, scented with essential oils and colored with clays and herbs.  We will be launching them very soon.  We are in the process of building our new website with the expertise of my partner (and husband), Brad - - thank you!!!  It is really looking clean and streamlined.  I am so pleased with the hard work he's doing.  It will all be worth it for our launch.

Obviously, we will keep you posted on the launch date as we get closer.  In the meantime, we have been so busy producing the new soaps - not only natural, but a new formula with moisturizing organic cocoa butter, unrefined shea butter and one of my favorite oils: avocado.  Because the soap now is jam packed with shea and cocoa butters, it is extra awesome.  It took months of test batches to get to the formula we were all happy with.  We were looking for a hard bar with plenty of lather and ultra moisturizing properties.  We managed to get all of that.  I am super pleased :)

Please follow us on Facebook to see the latest pictures of all of our new soap along with tidbits about our soap.  We will be announcing our launch date here as well as on Facebook and the newsletter, which should go out the day we launch.

In the meantime, here is a picture I took with my phone of one of our new soaps in the slab mold:

A proprietary blend of essential oils: Dark patchouli and four different folded citrus oils. 
It smells so good in the studio right now....
Colored with Moroccan Red Clay and Annatto Seed Powder

creamy lemon rosemary
with calendula petals

xxoo Joanna